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Milking Clusters

Milking Clusters 

milkrite | InterPuls offer full milking cluster solutions. Over time milkrite | InterPuls have developed a range of modern clusters. These clusters have improved the lives of our customers globally by making milking more efficient, giving a higher milk yield whilst saving them time and improving the health and comfort of their herd.

The Impulse Air Milking Cluster:

The Impulse Air cluster is the most advanced cluster milkrite | InterPuls offer. These clusters are designed to support our most advanced claws, shells, and triangular liners. They combine the revolutionary triangular vented liner with the latest innovations in claw design to give the ultimate milking efficiency.

The features and benefits of the Impulse Air Milking Cluster:

  • Stable vacuum on the teat
  • Faster and efficient milking
  • Available for purchase or through our Cluster Exchange Service   
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design increase comfort and ease
  • Patented and award-winning technology

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Impulse Air Shells 

The impact-resistant shell has a triangular shaped interior that reduces the total air volume between the shell and the liner. This leads to a more responsive opening and closing of the liner, which optimises the milk and the rest phases of pulsation.

The benefits and features of the Impulse Air Shells:

  • Lightweight plastic material reduces stress upon the animal and the farmer.
  • Triangular inner profile reduces air space between the liner and the shell.
  • Anti-twist mechanism keeps the liner correctly positioned, reducing slips.

Weights for the Impulse Air 

The Impulse Air cluster and shell has been designed to take variable weight rings so that you can tailor the weight of your cluster to your specification. We offer both stainless steel and plastic weights for the Impulse Air Cluster.


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