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Milk Meter - iMilkNano & MMC

Milk Meter - iMilkNano

Introducing the new iMilkNano and MMC: an affordable, compact and unique system for milking flow control. 

The iMilkNano is guaranteed to give you our most adaptable milking point solution suitable for, Cows, Goat, Sheep and more! The iMilkNano milking system/point is made up of three units:

  • The Nano Display
  • The Nano Box 
  • iMilkNano will feature either a HFS or the new MMC milk meter (milk meter compact). 

The iMilkNano is perfect as both a new installation and an upgrade to an existing parlour due to the flexible nature of the system being able to fit with MMC, MMVs or HFS. Its small size and array of mounting brackets also make it easily adaptable to all parlours. Enquire today here, and significantly enhance the performance and effectiveness of your farm through clear data-driven decisions as a result of the iMilkNano.

The iMilkNano & MMC is guaranteed to: 
  • Give you extremely accurate milk recording and monitoring, allowing you to make better animal selection, improving the milking performance and genetics of your herd milking
  • Provide perfect cluster removal: avoid over milking whilst getting the best out of your animals by preserving their udder health.
  • Give conductivity and temperature alarms: prevent future mastitis cases and allow only healthy animals to be milked.
  • The iMilkNano has a tool free service guarantee meaning it can be easily dismounted and can be serviced simply by hand, saving you time and money.

The new MMCs are now even more durable thanks to a combination of components made from high-quality materials, including the market-leading PPSU Radel®. The Radel® PPSU is also transparent giving you 360° milk flow visibility.

Discover the new Nano box, which is larger in size and easier to handle during assembly thanks to its new wiring layout.

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The new i-Controller is an important part of the iMilkNano system. This device manages the network commands of the parlour (detachment, clusters up, clusters down) and the clean contact for the milking points. The i-Controller can be mounted in your parlour through the mounting kit.


Milk Sampler & Small Ruminant Milk Sampler

The new milkrite | InterPuls milk sampler is made of a food-grade, translucent material and is designed to work with the our various milk meters. It withdraws a small milk quantity for every litre milked (following ICAR rules) and checks this sample. Our Small Ruminant Milk Sampler has been specifically designed for the small ruminants range. The sampler works with the MMC for sheep and goats if you want to use the MMC for cows and use a the normal cow milk sampler.

The Milk Sampler can work on a vertical or a 45 degree inclination whilst maintaining the same precision and accuracy. This, together with its small dimensions, allows the sampler to fit into almost all parlours.


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